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Capital City Collection

Born in Charleston in 1946, and having lived here most of my life, I have many memories of our wonderful city • sandlot football on the East end • after school cherry cokes at the Blossom • movies at the Kearse, Capital, Virginian and Rialto theaters • the continuous loops around Shoney's Drive-In • Daily Mail and Gazette newspaper routes • the delicious aromas from The Peanut Store • part-time jobs at A.W. Cox; the lunch counters at The Diamond and McCrory's.

Known more for my bold and colorful presentations of nature, I had a desire to apply those skills to a presentation of the urban landscape. My greatest challenge was how do I present Charleston in a new and unique way. Considering that these images are photographs, I think I accomplished that. I couldn�t bring myself to totally abandon my colorful presentations of nature. You will notice that each piece includes some element of color. I have to admit that the style isn't truly unique and was inspired by my late friend, Doug Goebel. I always loved his beautiful and fascinating pen and ink drawings of various landmarks.

The Capital City Collection does include some landmarks but the real fascination, for me, lies in the things we walk by every day without seeing, such as "Mortar Man", reflections in windows, fading store fronts and signs...things that make our city special.

I hope you enjoy the exhibition and that it brings back many fond memories. All work in this collection is available here or at The Art Emporium on the corner of Quarrier and Hale Streets, downtown Charleston, WV...304-345-3787.

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