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Artists I Love

This section could end up being larger than my whole website at some point. Here I'll list other artists whose work I feel a connection to and, in my opinion, deserves to be seen by all. Some, I know personally. Some, I'd love to get to know. ALL, I've experienced the passion of their work! They won't all be photographers. Art is where you find it, no matter what the media.

  • Jim Clark
    I first attended a Jim Clark workshop in 2002 and photography, for me, changed forever. Jim's passion for nature and nature photography was very evident as well as infectious. After that first workshop, I made the decision that Jim was going to be my mentor, a task he willingly accepted. There were many times that he wanted to wring my neck trying to teach me the obvious, but we both persevered and Jim instilled in me a love of nature that will forever be a part of my life as well as taught me to see nature in ways that I never thought possible. Jim also taught me that the image isn't as important as what comes from the heart. I'm happy to say that Jim finally "fired" me as his "mentee" and we remain best of friends today and love shooting together in our beloved West Virginia. In fact, Jim and I have now done nine or ten workshops together, teaching other cool is that? If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Jim's workshops or talks, don't pass it up!

  • Jane Herman Designs
    Jane and I were "classmates" at Artist Career Training many years ago. While our times together were entirely made up of tele-classes and online discussion boards, one definitely knew how passionate she was, and is, about her art. I have to admit that I didn't know a thing about felt as an art form until I saw a solo exhibition of Jane's at the Frence Art Colonly in Gallipolis, Ohio. The beauty of her work and her passion blew me away. Jane recently took a two year "leave of absence" from her art making, but now she is back for which the art world, and I, is thankful for. Take some time to visit and get to know Jane by visiting her website. I, of course, especially loved her nature series. I can imagine wrapping myself up in a piece of her work and feeling the energy she's captured.

  • Les Miller
    I first met Les when I joined the Charleston Camera Club, in Charleston, WV. His passion for photography and learning was evident from the day I met him. I was just starting out and I remember, when I first saw his creations, that if I could ever be that good, I would be happy. Les has since moved to Virginia, but we still get together, along with Jim Clark, and roam the hills and valleys of West Virginia looking for that perfect image.

    One of the beautiful things about photography is the friendships you form though a common passion. Les and Jim Clark's friendships are two that I will treasure forever.

Organizations I Belong To

I try to be an active member of the art community. It's important to support the arts and the opportunities to make new friends, the opportunities to learn, and the opportunities to share and give back, are endless.

  • The Charleston Camera Club
    If you live in the Charleston, WV area and looking for a place to share your talents or just a gathering of fellow photographers, then this the place for you. The club, made up of beginners to professionals, is open to all photo enthusiasts including digital. Come join the fun.

Retail Vendors I Approve Of

Once in awhile, I'll encounter a web site or vendor that is exceptional and I'll share them with you here. When it comes to service, I find many vendors sadly lacking. If you see a vendor listed here, you can be assured that I have had exceptional service from them. Not all links will be vendors though, as evidenced by the first link. Just click on the name to visit. I receive no remuneration from these links

  • The Filter Connection
    How often do you call a business and the owner answers the phone? That was the case when I called the Filter Connection looking for an IR filter for my Olympus e10. John has been a photo enthusiast for 39 years and his enthusiasm is evident after talking to him for a couple of seconds. I'm convinced that he isn't there just to sell you something, which is rare these days. He knows his cameras and filters and is very willing to help you make the right choice as well as share his extensive knowledge. Not only is John a wealth of information, but his prices are VERY competitive. On this particular filter, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the price was actually $10 less that his own advertised price. I made the purchase and three days later I had my new filter. If you are in the market for filters, and what tecno-junkie isn't :), then visit The Filter Connection. Better yet, visit and then call John. You won't be sorry.

  • Short Courses
    I discovered Short Courses when I bought my first camera, an Olympus 3030C zoom and again when I bought my Olympus e10. I even bought one recently when I was just thinking about buying the Canon 10d. I figured that it was better to spend a few dollars on the guide before I spent a LOT of money on the new equipment, which proved to be very helpful on deciding to wait until Olympus came out with their new "made for digital" lens. While I don't have any gripes with the Olympus manuals that came with my cameras, the information found in Dennis' guides go well beyond those manuals. His guides for the Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Epson digital cameras go into every detail of the operations of the camera. In addition, there is a wealth of valuable information on technique and how to actually use the various controls on the camera in different situations. Even if you aren't in the buying mood, there is a treasury of information on digital photography that you will be hard put to find elsewhere. And Dennis Curtin actually answers his e-mail. Don't make the same mistake that I did though. I had e-mailed him on another matter not knowing who he was.....well, gee, the email address was just to some guy named Denny..... He replied; I answered and had asked him what his connection to Short Courses was. How embarrassing !

  • Really Right Stuff
    I've recently made the change from an Olympus e10, with it's fixed lens, to a Canon 10d and it's vast array of changeable lenses. Talk about total confusion! I've never had a camera with actual lenses and had NO idea what I needed or what to buy. In my search for information, I came across a company by the name of Really Right Stuff. I had heard of them before, but already had everything I needed for my Olympus, so I didn't visit. This time I definitely had a need MORE INFORMATION! So off I went to RRS for a look see. One thing that caught my eye was something in their catalog that said "When you need independent counsel". Did I ever! So I gave them a call and who answers the phone but the owner, Joe Johnson. He couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. I had to call back two more times to clear up some confusion on equipment he didn't even sell and he was very patient and helpful. I bought a couple of lens plates and an L-plate and couldn't be happier. I spent a lot of money on my new equipment and feel very confident that they are well protected attached to the plates. Delivery was fast, too, which always pleases me. So when you need some "really right stuff", definitely give Joe and Joan a call. You won't be sorry. They definitely qualify as an exceptional vendor worthy of mention here. They also have some great tutorial and tips there too as well as in their catalog.