Corner of My Mind
New Artwork
New artwork uploaded July 2010
Sometimes nature gives you the right light, the right scene, the right composition. Nothing further needs to be done to the image other than normal processing. The Traditional category is composed of images that define those moments.
Impressionistic images are created by using various techniques with the camera. I literally use the lens as my paintbrush.
PhoDigital Paintings
I've always wanted to paint. Realizing my limitations, I developed my PhoDigital painting techniques. Each work of art begins with one of my traditional or impressionistic photographs.
Mother Earth Collection
Nature is not just a tree, a stream, a mountain, a grassy field. It's a combination of many different elements working together to paint a beautiful picture of our planet.
Capital City Collection
All work in this collection is available here or at The Art Emporium on the corner of Quarrier and Hale Streets, downtown Charleston, WV...304-345-3787.